Pros and cons of wood flooring

wood flooring

Several years ago, my parents went through their entire house, pulled out pretty much all the ugly carpet and laminate flooring and wooden floors. They love their wooden floors, and most people will agree with hardwood floors make a great addition to the home. It seems to be a tendency to increase with homeowners and home buyers.

However, just because it’s a trend does not mean that it automatically for me. Before I buy something, I like to think about the pros and cons, I’m going to buy. Making sure I think through and see all the items before purchasing important. I considered putting wood floors in my future home, and below things occurred to me while I’m trying to make the best decision.

Cons wooden floors

They are cold in winter
One of the things I hated about the wooden floors in place of my parents were as they had always felt cold in the winter. Sounds silly, and maybe even a little whiny, but walking on the cold wooden floor immediately after getting out of my warm bed sucked. To compensate for this, I put a giant carpet in my bedroom, so I do not have to deal with it. What is the point of wasting time and money to buy them, if I’d probably cover it with a rug in any way?

Wooden floors are easily scratched
If you do not put felt pads on the legs of your furniture, especially your chairs, you’ll end up scratching or creating dull spots on your floor is installed etazhey.Derevyanny my parents are starting to get bored, where the kitchen table sits, even though felt pads to the legs of tables and chairs. It’s just an area that gets a lot of hard use.If you have pets, as I do, their nails can leave scratches on your wood floor. It was a big concern for my dad, when I returned to my cat. I would say that my little 10-pound Dexter does not do too much damage, but I can imagine that it might be larger, heavier dog that has great nails can cause problems.

They increase the noise was in our house
Another thing I hated about the wood flooring was as much noisier house seemed. I heard a cat runs, his claws scratching the floor when he chased his toys in the middle of the night. He let out a loud howl, too, when he slipped in a cabinet or a wall because he could not get any traction. I also knew exactly when my dad woke up in the morning, because I heard him traipsing around the kitchen making his coffee. During the first few weeks, I did not get much sleep when my parents installed hardwood floors in their home.