How to Paint Vinyl Floors {Yes, you can do it!}

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Many of you have already checked my $ 71,00 DIY renovation laundry. One of my favorite parts of my laundry room renovation is painted vinyl floor. UPDATE: I have recently been pointed out Pinterest rather rudely that linoleum is different than vinyl. I googled and really, it’s true. However, Google also told me that even use the terms interchangeably flooring stores. In any case, technically, my floors VINYL. My floors are painted VINYL gorgeous and is now up to beautifully.Now, let’s look at what the floor looked like before I painted. Ummm … yuck.It was such a tragic picture of brick and vinyl was. Not my cup of tea. But, I do not want to spend too much money on the floor. I had a laundry make Kelly look at the form along the road and fell in love with her. She painted vinyl flooring, and they turned out beautifully, so I gave it a try.

How to paint vinyl flooring:

1) Select a template and colors to use, I chose a striped pattern that is used as Kelly. Instead of a deep black and pure white, I wanted a softer look, so I used antique white and anthracite. I bought 1 liter of each color in Valspar at Lowe’s. Make sure you are buying the porch floor, as in 1534 Valspar Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel, 1-gallon, draw a dark gray. It is durable and is walkable.

2) Clear and clean the floor regional I was lucky that our laundry room was big enough for a washer and dryer scoot in and out of position to draw under the floor. But if you’re not so lucky, you have these bad boys to go anywhere for a few days. Once you remove the floor you need to make the floor clean. Make sure that it is free from dust and dirt. Some people recommend using TSP (heavy clean), but I did not have any on hand, so I used my normal floor cleaner (I use Mrs. Meyer’s).

3) Prime the floor I used regular old KILZ General Purpose Interior Primer Premier floor. I poured a primer on the floor and using a small paint roller to spread it. I have only one coat of primer and it worked fine. I did this for about 21 hours one night, and let it dry overnight.

) Paint floor These steps has several “sub-steps”:

Giving the primer dry overnight, I painted the whole floor with antique white, which I considered a “base” color, twice. That’s right, two layers. Fortunately, this paint dries fairly quickly, but I use a large badge to speed along the process. I was able to get. These two layers are done in one day then I let the base color dry overnight. I will not lie, it was a bit messy project. Be prepared to clean your feet :)

The next night, I revealed my band with the standard blue tape artist. I use an existing brick pattern, the width of my stripes, the need to measure off, first determine. Please note that my floor was some clear structure to it, so I knew that the bleeding will happen, but I turned it over. I knew it would be easy to fix later. However, if you really want to avoid bleeding, follow these steps: After your floors tape, add another layer of your base color over the entire floor paint over the tape. This closes the sharp lines and prevent bleeding. Believe me, it works on textured surfaces.

Then I painted the stripes with my secondary color dark gray. I also wrote two layers with color anthracite. I let the first coat dry overnight {} mainly because it was late and completed the second layer on your next night.Once strip dry, remove the tape. If you have bleeding, do not panic. Just grab a corner brush and use it to “cut” along the lines to make them. Beautiful and bright It sounds boring, but this step took me less than 15 minutes.

hat it! It sounds like a lot of steps and it is, but each step takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes. I liked painting my floor was moving much faster than painting the walls. I think that all the steps combined cost me less than 2 hours drying time} {exclusive. In other words, it was easy to knock out in the evenings after work, not too tired for the next day.The end result is beautiful! Most Valuable 2:00 of my life DIY! I love, love, love this floor. It was written about 2 months already and it keeps perfectly. More such “coddled” it at all. We are so rough on him, if we ever baskets were driven over it, and so on, and there is no damage or scratches whatsoever.What do you think? Now you tend to vinyl floor painting ?! Already painted vinyl floor? If you decide this project {or} is, send me love to see pictures of the results of Tasha, I would! If you enjoyed this post, you may also like to see how I painted and stenciled our kitchen floor with great results!