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Decorative Glass Doors

If you plan to repair, or looking at the interior design of a new home, you certainly will look at the painting walls different colors and adding various types of carpeting, tile, hardwood, or. However, have you ever thought that you might want for doors? Of course, there are the classic light white wooden door, or very heavy carved medieval-looking wooden doors; However, largely carved door fashioned typically painted a dark color and create a rather dark atmosphere in your home.

Chic and plausible glass doors

Doors make a huge difference in any home. They reinforce the house and secure for people and other assets inside. They provide privacy and thus make you feel as though you are in your own sanctuary. In addition, the above-mentioned advantages, doors also play a key role in improving the aesthetics of the house and today their glass doors used as exterior and interior doors, to create an elegant atmosphere. Elegant glass doors

Frosted glass doors for modern internal spaces

When you are looking for beautiful doors to decorate your home, you may want to consider frosted glass doors as one of your options. Frosted glass can create a beautiful, elegant and modern design on the doors, and the benefit of frosted glass over ordinary clear glass, frosted glass that is difficult to see through, so getting some privacy for your office, bedroom or shower.

Greenhouses made ??of old windows and Glass doors


Greenhouse made ??from recycled glass door by Jan and Ed Vice New Look Floral (garden and flower shops) in Rochester, Minnesota .. This stone is made from recycled windows was built in 2003, the structure of 12 meters in length and 6 January / high 2 wide and 10 1/2 feet. Constructed from reclaimed glass doors, windows and joinery home repairs. Doors old pocket door slides, now slipped open.Old window glass greenhouse for Carla and Steve Ritchie of McKinney, Texas. Used Mexican tiles filled the bed came out of the mansion in Fort Worth under the hydrangea and variegated Liriope.

Revolutionary shower glass door system without treatment requires

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of new and exciting options for shower glass doors to bring. Charleston glass market for many years, people have asked, “how to make my new shower door looked as good as new?” Although there is no self-cleaning glass at the moment, we are pleased to share with you a number of developments in the shower door industry. Lowcountry Glass and Shower Door Company can offer our twenty years of local experience to make a purchase shower door with almost no effort. Let’s discuss the options of glass and recommendations for keeping your glass package.

Exciting product is available in a glass stage Charleston is “Shower Guard” by Guardian Industries It is common for people to have a white film on the shower glass. Our clients often ask, “what should I use to remove soap residue” In many cases, a white film or etching is not soap scum in general, but the corrosion of the glass. “Shower Guard” uses patented technology in the production process to avoid. Permanent coating, corrosion, etching and mold Keeper offers a lifetime warranty, and Lowcountry Glass and Shower Door Company is proud to be a registered dealer “Shower Guard” are. Choose us for the installation, and the keeper will give you the opportunity to $ 50.00 rebate.Another available for the glass market Charleston, gives “Enduro Shield.” This coating applied to one of our surroundings glass distributors. “Did Enduro” offers a warranty of ten years, and claims to reduce cleaning by as much as 90%. It may be more cost-effective option in the case of the treated glass options available now.

If you already have a frameless glass shower enclosure, or decide that the default option is protected by glass is not in your budget, there are other ways to keep it looking great. Your glass Some glass of Charleston recommended to their customers their shower doors deal with “Rain-X” as a means of protection against corrosion and film. When doing research, I came across a few articles that are strongly advised not to use in their homes. Homeowners this product seems that this product can be toxic in an indoor environment, and it is intended for use outside only.The better to keep your shower door looking for a new in squeegie. They are widely available and come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Once you finish the shower just wipe the glass down with a stroke squeegie. “Magic Eraser” Mr. Clean is also a great way to keep looking great. Your glass
Select Lowcountry & Glass shower door, LLC If you service provider Charleston glass. We will be happy to answer your shower door related questions you can have.Whether you already have a shower door, or are in the market for a new we hear to help. Our company offers a flexible work schedule to your needs.