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fashion friday – funky nails

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I’m not much a “get your nails done” type of gal- probably because I work so much with my hands- but once in a while I like to try a fun color of polish at home. But with my creative life and a baby around I never seem to have time because I have to factor in drying. If and when I do paint my nails they always get ruined before they are dry. So I thought I would give the nail polish strips a try and WOW do they work! And the best part is that they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns- perfect for a little bit of self expression!

I used the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.
They basically look like peel off stickers in the shape of a nail but longer.
You just stick them to your nail, file and then pull away the excess length. I decided to alternate a metallic grey with a neat black and white pattern- who says all of your nails have to be the same?! I doubted their sticking strength but somehow they adhere like polish and they don’t come off unless you use remover! Mine have been lasting for weeks at a time (unless I ruin them with paint). Its a great alternative painting your nails and a fun way to get funky with your nails!

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updates from the studio

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We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home and new life and let me just say that this entire process has been slow and more challenging than we are used to (hello baby who is mobile!) – but we are embracing the pace, the process and just giving ourselves time to get unpacked and comfortable in our new surroundings. I have jumped back into work and a number of creative commitments and its time for a couple of quick updates!
photo by my dad

Something I haven’t shared is that I rarely, if ever ask for help or seek assistance. Everything I do in my creative business- from making art to online classes to photography to filming to editing to web design to html coding to email and all the other crazy things I do on a daily basis- I have been doing alone. Add 9 months of taking care of a baby all day- its been clear for a while that I desperately need help- my business has grown and I just can’t do it alone anymore! The years of planning and preparation to change our lives and move to Oregon included the decision to bring my husband and mom on board to help me out with the business. I am happy (beyond happy) to announce that these two fabulous people have my back and will be helping me out in a variety of ways. You will likely be seeing more of them as we move into all kinds of new and exciting creative opportunities and changes!

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I’ve got all sorts of new online classes coming your way and I am so excited to announce the latest that will coming very soon- Ode to Nature. I will be sharing all of the information (and a giveaway) next week so check back in for the details!
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I have all kinds of fun stuff coming your way including answers to frequently asked questions, a peek into our new home, a look at the new studio space, sharing some of my favorite places and things here in Oregon, all kinds of new tutorials, inspiration and SO much more! Stay tuned!

Navtej Kohli: Social Actions and Participative Leadership

Can you think the suitable way to assist others? Navtej Kohli has offered good examples of becoming good man toward the society. The corporate social responsibility is a must, especially to distribute positive assistances in education, health and others. Becoming a businessman is not only to gain the profit, but also it directs you to help others. You may distribute scholarships toward potential teenagers. Donation may also be distributed to the lower income individuals. As you take the action, you have complete roles of being the entrepreneur.

Indeed, as an individual, you need the real portrayal of kind and benevolent businessman. Reading Navtej Kohli Aboutme is a good one. Through this information, you are expected to know better about Kohli, the business, and the social actions. Surely, it is your option to make it real. You can be the manager and owner of your own business. And, the end point should be clear after all.

Navtej Kohli, the Positive Actions

It is certain that business and industry cannot be separated. You may be private owner of the small business. Possibly, you are the holder of big industry. At one point, you have to allocate certain amount of your profit for the benefits of others. This is called social responsibility of the organization. The successful business may conduct various social responsibilities depending on the preferences and the goals.

As part of your social responsibilities, you may conduct the following actions. These may include:

  • Scholarship programs. Navtej Kohli Google Plus has provided diverse kinds of scholarships toward different potential teenagers. The scholarships may cover few hundreds of dollars to full scholarship program.
  • Donation on health. Disadvantaged individuals may experience various health issues. The donation may provide a chance for better living. Cancers and other serious issues may require expensive treatments. And, through charity program, this problem can be anticipated.
  • Environmental program. Though not every company produces pollution to the environment, the program is expected to reduce the global warming effects, acid rains and forest destructions.

Best Management by Kohli

Many have considered that leadership significant for the corporation’s success. According to Navtej Kohli, participative leadership is the ideal one. This strategy involves diverse individual staffs from the floor of workstations to the directors. Hence, there is no single blocking issue which is never heard by everyone in the organization. As expected, the strategy defeats competitors from the inner beauty of the business itself.

inspiration- fishing nets

Picture 1
I often get asked what I find inspiring about the beach and these photos are proof that you never know what kinds of treasures you will find washed up on shore that just might provide inspiration for texture and color.
xPicture 1

spring cake pops

If you haven’t heard of or tried a cake pop- you are missing out! They are like a lollypop with cake in the middle and a hard candy coating on the outside and they are all the rage right now- they are EVERYWHERE! There are a number of ways to make them and of course I make mine the quickest and easiest way so I can save my time for creative decorating. Lately I have been playing around in the kitchen making cake pops and with Easter right around the corner I decided to make a batch with a spring and Easter theme!

Start by baking a boxed cake mix and let cool completely.

Crumble up the cake.

Add frosting to the cake crumbles (about a can of frosting) and mix together.
Put mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Roll mixture into balls, I also rolled and shaped them into egg shapes.
Put the cake balls into the refrigerator for another hour or an even quicker option would be to put in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

The next step is to melt Candy Melts (or even chocolate) to use for dipping. I used Candy Melts because they are easy to melt wafers for candy making, dipping and melting and are available at a variety of stores.

Dip the cake balls into the melted mixture I dipped the bottom first so the stick would be secure

and then added the stick and dipped the top.
I used all kinds of colorful sprinkles to decorate the cake pops. Its a little tricky because you have to decorate before the candy coating hardens.

I decorated my egg shaped cake pops like Easter eggs- how fun would they be in an Easter basket?

And I kept the round cake pops simple with colorful sugar sprinkles

I used a variety of different sprinkles to decorate all the cake pops.

and I used a colander to hold the cake pops up while they hardened.

Last, I used little candy bags and ribbon to seal up the pops.

They are just so pretty and delicious- perfect for a spring party, Easter treats or just a fun dessert!