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fashion friday- turban headbands

I have been growing my hair out for what seems like years (finally its all grown out!) and a couple of years back I started making turban style headbands so that I could wear my hair back (during that “in between stage”) while making a fashion statement. And for the last couple of years I’ve been receiving TONS of inquiries about how I create them. So I have FINALLY put together a little tutorial on how I make them and wear them!

1. I always use jersey fabric because its nice and stretchy. I’ve had the best luck with using men’s size large t-shirts because the width of the t-shirt perfectly wraps around my head twice OR once in a while I’ll upcycle something that I have on hand- like this striped maternity dress. 2. I cut wide strips about 8-10 inches wide. I make use of the seam already sewn into the garment.

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You can get three wide head bands from a mens size large t-shirt

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4. I cut 2-3 strips (which becomes the headband) so I can layer them together.

To wear I start by wrapping it around my head twice and then I layer the 2nd and 3rd once the same way. This creates nice volume and is the key to creating the look of a turban.

There are all kinds of ways to wear the turban headband- with your hair pulled back
or over your forehead

you can pull all your hair up into it and even layer different colors or styles-

like braiding the jersey or creating rosettes

however you choose to wear your headband- its the perfect solution for a bad hair day, growing your hair out or a chic alternative for styling your hair!