Monthly Archives: January 2012

dairy/gluten free muffins

So if you didn’t hear, our little Lucy has struggled with reflux issues since birth. Its been a challenge over here but with time, patience and LOTS of altering the way we do things- she is getting better and better every day. The biggest alteration has been my diet which now has TONS of restrictions- the big ones are dairy and wheat (not so fun for a gal who likes to pig out on cheese and bread!)

So I have been on a hunt for recipes that will satisfy my taste buds and keep Lucy happy. My favorite so far is one that I actually came up with after doing my research and it is YUMMY- dairy free and gluten free pumpkin muffins (they still have sugar but thats ok with me!)

Simple mix up the dry ingredients.
Add the wet- pumpkin and applesauce.
Mix well.
Fill baking cups with batter.
Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes.

The result is a really moist muffin with lots of flavor! I can easily eat an entire batch!